Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fire It Up

It's been 419 days since I last updated this blog. That's 14 months... hopefully at least 14 cool things have happened during that time. Let's find out:

September 2009, bone graft surgery to finally repair the broken arm (success!)

October 2009, boulder hopping on San Gorgonio at 11,000'

November 2009: trip to Portland to celebrate Eric's wedding

December 2009, ski/bike/snowshoe road trip to Utah

January 2010, scrambling up Iron Mtn in the San Gabriel Mountains

February 2010, the beast arrives!

March 2010, first big race on the tandem (Vision Quest, DNF)

April 2010, work takes me to a coal plant on the Mississippi

May 2010, MARRIED!

May 2010, good times with good friends

June 2010, training and training...

July 2010, Mr. and Mrs. Prescott

August 2010, the Leadville 100

September 2010, a yooper visits us in the mountains

October 2010, trip to Chicago for Ben's wedding

Not bad for 14 months. Looking forward to winter and snow, and more regular updates.


Ken Showler said...

We were in Portland last night, really cool town!

Jay said...

I feel privileged to have made your 14 highlights of the past 419 days list. Need to get some photos of you two in Austin!